6 Most Important Rules for Office Interior Design

A well-designed office space can have a significant impact on your business; getting it wrong can also have disastrous consequences. So, other than the obvious first step of hiring the best commercial decorators in London, here are a few important rules to keep in mind when planning your office redesign.

Create Defined Spaces

One of the first steps when it comes to office design is to split your space into defined areas. This doesn’t mean building cubicles for each worker, instead think about designing spaces that provide opportunities for collaboration, as well as spaces where your employees can focus and work interruption free. Also consider what you will need in terms of meeting rooms, and how you can optimise these spaces.

Choose Your Colours With Care

It used to be common practice to decorate your office in neutral tones so that it was inoffensive and, for want of a better word, corporate. If you ask commercial decorators in London now, they will tell you that the right choice of colour can make all the difference to the feel of an office. It can also help with defining the areas of your office. For focus think blues and greens, and for motivation and energy think reds and oranges.

Hide The Wires

Electronics are a staple of a modern office, but their wires don’t need to be. Investigate integrated wiring solutions. Nothing makes an office look untidier and more cluttered than wires dangling off every desk. It is worth investing in one of the many clean and simple solutions available out there.

Plan For The Future

When designing your office space, avoid the temptation to plan the perfect office for your team as it is now. You need to keep one eye to the future so that your workspace can accommodate your team in the years to come. This can be as simple as making sure that you have more power outlets than you think you need for right now, and also making sure you have flexible storage solutions that you can modify as your team changes or grow.

Make The Most Of The Light You Have

Getting the lighting right in an office can actually affect the productivity of your employees. Most office painters and decorators London know that natural light can be a limited resource, so they are also skilled at helping you to make the most of it. Your choice of colours can enhance what light you have and make the whole office feel brighter and more alive.

Use Nature As Inspiration

Studies show that plants in offices have positive impacts on the mood and productivity of employees. If you have space in your budget, consider getting some plants into your office. If there isn’t space for real plants then consider using nature as inspiration in your design, this could be in the use of prints or colours or even the layout of your space.

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The Best Office Painters For Your London Business

When considering the colour scheme of your office, it can be important to take into account the impact it has on the working environment. When hiring office decorators in London, you want your office painting to be perfect; from quality to colour. Some colours have been shown to make people feel happy, productive and calm. As office painting and decorating is not a regular occurrence, you want a colour scheme that you and your colleagues can enjoy for a long time. It can be very important for employees in London to have a space around them that positively impacts their wellbeing. 

Angela Wright wrote a book called Colour Psychology, and describes how outside of work we are used to many different bright colours stimulating our brain, especially in a busy city like                London – so our workspaces should be the same! Let’s look at what colours stimulates what behaviours and see what sounds right for you.


Red is a colour often associated with excitement, physical activity, and energy. If your office requires movement such as building work or production lines, red might be a good stimulus around your space. People usually use the colour red in small amounts or to draw attention to a certain aspect of the room. It’s known to be used to stimulate hard work in builders and constructors, or cafes to encourage the movement of the queue. 

Red can also help in jobs that are detail oriented and involve memory retrieval. If your office has to do lots of proof-reading or script memorising, red could be the colour for your office.


Many consider blue as the most productive colour. It stimulates the mind into focusing on tasks and getting things done. It’s a great colour to paint your office if you’re trying to encourage a ‘heads down, work hard’ approach. Bear in mind; this is a good colour for focusing on tasks that do not require much physical activity, for the workplace that does, we recommend reds. 

If you want a productive office, but not a particularly quiet and studious atmosphere, you might want to add some orange to stimulate the emotional mind. Most office decorators in London would suggest that including an emotion triggering colour is vital to stimulate creativity, communication, and office relationships. 


Yellow can be calm and optimistic, and decorators often use this colour in offices where employees are expected to be creative. Creative and design companies in London would benefit from yellows. However, if your office is particularly bright and well lit, yellow can reflect light become uncomfortable on the eyes. In bright offices, it’s best to use yellow subtly. 

Some studies have shown that a yellow room can cause bouts of anger – another reason to keep yellow subtle! 


Green gives the mind a sense of balance, harmony, and calmness. It is a great colour to have in offices in which employees have to work long hours. Furthermore, it’s a colour that doesn’t strain your eyes and doesn’t provide emotions that are particularly one extreme or another. Consequently, medical offices often use green in their colour scheme.

Some people associate the colour green with money. As a result, some suggest that green is a good colour for banks and financial offices. 

It’s good to seek advice from your chosen office decorators in London. Seeing the office, feeling the vibe, and understanding the job can give painters and decorators more of an idea of what would work best for you. 

Still unsure what colour to go for? We offer free consultations to offices across London and offer expert advice on what works best for you. To find out more about us, get in touch.

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How To Find The best Office Painters in London

Finding office painters in London is not difficult, but finding high-quality office painters in London can be, In a sea of commercial painting and decorating services, spotting a reliable service is a minefield. Luckily, we’ve put together a guide for identifying the best painting and decorating company for your needs.

Carry out some research

Find out who the local decorators in London are and get quotes from around three different companies. By inviting them to your office space and allowing them to conduct a full evaluation, you will not only be able to compare prices but also attention to detail. You can observe how efficient, polite and reliable they are from their inspection. It also gives you time to talk about quality and expectations in terms of time and availability.

Remember the best commercial decorators offer free quotes. Any painter and decorator charging for consultations are likely to be in it for the money. In addition to this, check out their working times. If you need a commercial space painted or redecorated in one of the busiest cities in the world, it might be worth organising the work to be done out of office hours – or even at night!

Remember, price isn’t everything, look for those offering a quality service and go for the company that you feel most comfortable with and that will work to suit your needs.

Find out what insurance they hold

Interior and exterior painting require manual labour that is inherently risky. Often there will be ladders and slippery surfaces during the work. It is advisable that you seek out commercial decorators and painters that have public liability insurance.

This means that if there is an accident and someone is injured and needs medical attention, it covers your business from any legal cases that are held against you if you are in any way seen as negligible.

Nothing beats tried and tested

Customer satisfaction is a testament to a painting and decorators quality of service. In London, thousands of decorating projects are taking place and people willing to provide feedback on their experiences. You can ask the painter and decorator for references or perhaps a review site that they use. You can also visit a recent decorating project carried out by that company and see if the quality is still holding up. Nothing beats a review from a satisfied customer to give you peace of mind.

Get experienced painters and decorators

You shouldn’t be afraid to ask if the company has an in-house London team or subcontractors. In-house decorators have higher loyalty to the company as the money goes straight to them. Using subcontractors might make you question whether they have insurance for them too.

The advice that painters and decorators in London give indicate their experience. If they’re keen to talk through your requirements and make suggestions they’re more likely to be working with your rather than against. Two years of experience is good, but anything less may be questionable.

Costs and guarantees

Costs can be the deciding factor, but you should not compromise quality painting by choosing the cheapest option. It is worth asking about guarantees. Some contractors offer a two-year warranty and will actively return if the paint unexpectedly flakes, blisters or peels. Remember it is always best to get the deal written and signed, allowing you the best chance to hold them to their word. 

With the right painter and decorator, you won’t have to revamp your residential or commercial London office again anytime soon. At Cloud Painting, we are a friendly, hard-working team providing high-quality work and first-class customer care. With competitively priced services throughout London, we work on residential, commercial and office buildings to provide an internal and external painting service during flexible hours.

With over ten years of experience and countless satisfied customer testimonials on our website, our London painting and decorating services are the best choices for your decorating project. 

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