Few Tips That Will Improving Your Office Look

Get tips and advice on easy ways to revamp your office from experienced office painters and decorators in London. Every week, millions of people across the UK and beyond spend a huge chunk of their live in an office space. It’s not unusual for many of these people to spend more than 40-50 hours per week here, working hard to ensure they’re making their clients, customers and superiors happy.

Make Your Office Comfortable, Professional And Attractive

With so much time spent in the office, it’s important to make sure that the office space is a nice environment. It should be comfortable, professional, attractive and the kind of place where employees will feel happy about spending up to 9 hours every day. Whether that means bringing in London office painters and decorators, splashing out on new furniture, or simply moving existing furniture around for a better layout, it’s important to inject new life into an office from time to time.

Here are our top tips to revamp your office space and keep employees happy.

Paint the walls

One of the best ways to give your whole office a new lease of life is to paint it from top to bottom. Maybe you’re changing the colour scheme, maybe you’re simply freshening up the existing colour with a fresh coat – whatever you choose, this will help the office feel brighter, lighter and a more comfortable workspace for your staff. If you’re not sure about taking on a painting task of this magnitude, call in experienced commercial London painters and decorators, who can take on the job for you and complete it to a very high standard. Check out our other recent blog on the benefits of repainting your office regularly, as well as some tips to help you choose the right colour for your office space.

Make it more comfortable

An office should never be bare white walls, plain desks and chairs – it should have its own sense of personality and life. Bring some plants into the office space – they’ve been proven to boost productivity, and they’ll keep the place feeling fresh. Add some art or some prints to the walls, as well as the staff noticeboard. Encourage your employees to make their desks feel more personal, with items brought from home. Picture frames with friends and family, as well as their own mugs and maybe even a cushion to sit on can make them feel much more at home. Move away from the idea of an office as a sterile and boring environment – or that’s how your workers will treat it!

New floors

Replacing dull, old office carpet with a slick laminated wood flooring can elevate the space to no end – it’ll make the entire environment feel lighter, airier and more modern. Don’t neglect the floors when it comes to revamping the office! If you can’t afford a whole new floor, or your tenancy agreement doesn’t permit you to change the floor in the office, consider hiring someone to carry out a deep clean regularly, so that your carpets don’t start to become unhygienic or unsightly.

Door frames, window frames and skirting boards

Why not change the colour of the door frames, window frames and skirting boards to make your whole office feel slightly different? If you’ve moved into an office that has white walls, white frames and neutral flooring, giving the frames and the skirting boards a lick of paint and changing their colour can be a cost-effective way to put your own stamp on the place.

Address the lighting

If you have outdated overheard fluorescent lights, not only could they be costing you a fortune in electricity bills, they could also be contributing to an unproductive environment. Replace them for energy-saving bulbs in a ‘daylight’ shade which replicates natural light as much as possible. Natural lighting has been shown to help workers be more productive and creative in the office, so if you want them to do their best work, make sure your office doesn’t feel dark.

Give your employees input

Circulate a survey about the things your employees most want to see in the office. Your staff are the people who spend a lot of their time here – they deserve a say in how the place looks and feels. They might want you to introduce more soft furnishings – a sofa here, an armchair there, to create a small breakout area. They might ask for more vending machines, or for a different layout of their desks or cubicles. Listen to what they say – their views are important!

Rearrange the office space

If you want to make the place feel different and new, experiment with the layout of the desks and workstations. This can change the whole flow and feel of the office – it may even result in heightened productivity. You could try to make the space more open-plan, creating an illusion of spaciousness and light, which won’t go unnoticed by your staff. Create ‘zones’ within your workspace – a zone where staff can meet guests or clients, a zone where they can work on non-computer tasks (signing contracts, brainstorming with colleagues), and obviously a zone for workstations and desks.

Invest in supportive furniture

Ergonomic desks and chairs are fundamental in making your staff feel supported and comfortable. If you have the budget for it, invest in the kind of furniture that will support different postures, to boost the performance of your staff and increase wellness. You could even bring in some standing desks, which are a big trend right now and are a great way to offset the sedentary lifestyle of an office worker.

If you’d like more information about office painting and decorating in London, get in touch with the Cloud Painting team today – we can discuss your needs and book you in for an office revamp as soon as possible. Keep following the blog for more tips!

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