Hottest Interior Trends of 2017

Every year in the world of homes and interiors sees new trends and styles come to the forefront, and homeowners all over the country update their lounges, their bedrooms and their other living spaces to align with these up-and-coming trends.

Keeping Up With Trends Can Be Simple And Affordable

Many people believe keeping up with the latest trends is expensive and time-consuming – but it can be simple, if you have the know-how. You might need to invest in a statement piece of furniture or bring in the London painters and decorators to make it work, but when it’s finished, you’ll have a lust-worthy living space that you’ll simply love spending time.

So what are the top interior trends for 2017 and beyond? Let’s take a look at some of them, and how you can achieve these looks.

Tropical plants

This is a trend that’s super-easy to bring into your own home – it barely requires any renovation or DIY skills at all! From tropical leaf prints and wallpaper to exotic palm and swiss cheese plants, it’s easy to make your living space feel more like a paradise island. If you already have quite a bold colour scheme, be careful with this trend – it can be easy to go overboard! If your base colours are fairly neutral, you can go wild! Create a feature wall, bring in lots of plant life, and make use of Pantone’s Colour of the Year for 2017: Greenery.


Maps are also set to be huge in the next few years – and no matter what your existing interiors, it’s easy to jump on this trend bandwagon. If your home is more vintage-inspired, you could buy some antique maps and have them framed for a beautiful focal point in any room. If you have a more modern home, wall map decals work great – and many of them will keep your wall paint in great condition, so you won’t need to call in the painters when it’s time to peel them off.


This beautifully minimal trend is perfect for those who want to inject some contemporary style into a dull space. The classic hexagonal (or honeycomb) shape is used heavily, with cushions, tables, lamps, wall prints and other interior trinkets all available in many homeware shops at the moment. You could even dedicate one wall to a geometric mural, with strong lines and unique shapes. Make sure you run it by your painters and decorators first!


The mandala is an increasingly popular pattern in western interiors, having originated in Hindu and Buddhist cultures. Every mandala is different, but they’re generally circular, with an array of symbols, shapes and patterns spraying outwards from the centre point. Expect to see this everywhere: rugs, candles, bedding and wall prints.

Reclaimed wood

As we all try to live a little more sustainably, the trend for reclaimed wood has soared. Rather than sourcing shiny new wooden floors for their homes, many people are opting for a more rustic look, with reclaimed wood that looks just fabulous. You can use reclaimed wood for a multitude of other things in the home, from the surface of a farmhouse-style dining table, to some open shelving for your living space.

Flashes of neon

Feeling brave? This trend is for those who have an adventurous spirit in their interior design. Splashes of neon colours can make any home feel innovative and avant-garde. We don’t mean painting a whole wall bright neon pink (although you can, if it floats your boat), we’re more talking about bold neon feature lighting, a rug with flashes of neon yellow or green, or a print on the wall with daring neon shades.

Subway tiles

If you’ve ever been on the London Underground and taken some serious style inspiration from some of the vintage-style tiling on the walls, this trend is for you! Known as ‘subway tiling’, you can add this trend into your kitchen and bathroom for real impact. It’s a trend that you can adapt to your own taste and style – white tiles with grey grout looks fabulous, or you could go for glossy navy tiles with a crisp white grout surround. The sky is the limit here, so experiment and see what works best in your home environment.

Navy is the new black

Speaking of navy, this is one of the most popular colours of the year, with many people choosing to update their living spaces and dining rooms with this shade. Navy walls give a sense of tradition and heritage, but they can also be modern, depending on the surrounding environment. Call in the London home painters and decorators, and give your home a navy-inspired makeover!

Interior trends of 2017 to move away from…

There are certain trends which are starting to lose traction and should be on their way out quite soon. Check them out:

  • Industrial-looking metal kitchens. Remember when it was all the rage to have burnished metal appliances like fridges and cookers on show in the kitchen? This trend is starting to die out, as people turn towards lighter and airier kitchens, with more of a homely feel.
  • Massive, oversized furniture. Many homes these days have huge comfortable sofas, and while they might be practical for large families, they’re not the greatest investment in terms of style. The trends in 2017 are moving towards furniture which is scaled to the space its in – or furniture which multi-tasks, offering storage or some other function on top of its main purpose.
  • Choosing rooms with a ‘time period’ in mind. Many people love to choose a decade or an era as inspiration when they’re furnishing their rooms – but this can be very limiting and restrictive. Take inspiration from the current Scandi design movement, which draws inspiration from the 1970s, but adds truly modern twists.

If you’re planning on incorporating any of these trends into your home, don’t forget to call Cloud Painters today – their team of London painters and decorators will ensure your walls are primed to welcome any new trends.

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