How Long Will my painting and decorating project will take?

Decorating a house can be an arduous task, so looking around local painting and decorating companies and taking on a professional can cut down on the time of your project by a considerable amount.

But how much time will painting and decorating companies need to get the job done? This helpful guide will give you an idea of how much time you may need to give your laborers:


  • A flat or house will take a couple of days to paint, depending on the number of bedrooms. The general rule of thumb is that most painting and decorating companies will need 2 days for a 3 bedroom residence, and 3-4 days for a house with 5 bedrooms.
  • You may wish to paint some rooms and wallpaper others, so be sure to get any painting and decorating companies who provide you with a free quote to do so with this in mind. Preparation of the walls, including stripping paper, will have to be considered.
  • Some parts of the house require gloss paint; this includes skirting boards, other woodwork, and radiators. Gloss takes longer to try and may need more coats, so be sure to factor this in, too.
  • Don’t forget that the more people on the job, the quicker it will be completed, but the higher the daily rate charged by the company.


By knowing how long a project will take, and by getting quotes from several painting and decorating companies for their daily rates, you’ll know not only how the project will go on for, but how much it’s going to cost you.

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