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I’m Keeping My Fingers Crossed

Last night I may have done a crazy thing, but it could end up being the greatest move I’ve ever made.

I was in a pub in South London and I bought a raffle ticket. It was a pretty expensive raffle ticket, as they go, but whoever has the winning ticket in the draw will win a whole house. That’s right. I’m in a raffle for a house.

Can you imagine the possibilities? Being able to own my own property without having to save up for a mortgage! I’d be straight online, finding numbers for painters and decorators South London and saying, “please can you come and decorate my brand-new house?”

I don’t think I’d be able to sleep once I got the news. I’d be lying awake, having imaginary conversations with painters and decorators South London, arranging which colour would go in each room.

Couples spend years saving for a new house, but if they won a house raffle, they could put all that money into paying painters and decorators South London to come and transform their dream house into their fantasy house.

I think I’d be so excited to win a house for the price of nothing more than an (admittedly expensive) raffle ticket that I think I’d end up finding one of the local painters and decorators South London to come in and put me up my own personal mural. Maybe of me, holding the winning raffle ticket.

For safekeeping, I’ve put the raffle in a box in the wardrobe. I’ll keep you updated if I win. In the meantime, I’m off to trawl the internet for painters and decorators South London.