Hire a Professional Painter!

One thing I’ve never understood is why people love to spend hours walking around DIY shops. I could think of a million better things to do than strolling around a huge warehouse on a Saturday afternoon.


But when the time comes to decorate the house, maybe I’ll have to surrender and join the long line of previous generations who went before me and have an afternoon in a DIY shop.


On second thoughts, maybe I’ll just hire a professional painter.


By the time my partner and I have argued over paint swatches, mixed paint, bought paint testers, got home, decided we don’t like any of the colors, returned to the store, and started all over again, professional painters would have finished the job.


I’d rather pay a little bit more to have trained professionals come in, bring their own supplies, do the job ten times better than I could have done it, and leave again in their paint-spattered overalls.


I don’t even own overalls I’d be happy to see spattered with paint. You know who doesn’t care about a little paint spatter? A professional painter.


I’d even go one further and hire not just the professional painter but a consultant beforehand, who can advise on the best color schemes and materials, the best quality paint and even the best painters in the area.


By hiring a professional painter I’d not only keep my fingernails clean but I’d keep my sanity, too. And maybe there’d be one less reason to consider divorce this year.

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