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Decorative Painters and Secorators North West LondonThe highest quality standards in painting and decorating services – this is what we do. We will help you improve the interior and exterior appearance of your property. Throughout ten years, we have been highly recommended by clients throughout East London, Kensington, Queens Park, North London, St. John’s Wood, and Hyde Park in Central London.

All the details are important, even the most minute ones. We take pride in collaborating with you for the best approach possible. As experienced professionals, we are prepared even for the unexpected. For this reason, we include public liability insurance in our quality service.

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At Cloud Painters, we offer top-notch services for all residential and commercial clients.

Residential Painters and Decorators in North West London

Your project may be big or small, but our quality is the same – always superb. Whether you need an update in bedroom flat and loft conversions or repainting for a fresh look, we will help you. When you contact us, we will meet with you, discuss your goals, and give advice. We will come up with the best solution. The process is simple and hassle-free.

Commercial Painters and Decorators in North West London

We collaborate. This is the key to creating an error-free paint and high standard decorating job. We understand the importance of brand loyalty. Our laser-focused approach to branding is spot-on. This is what sustains businesses, after all. Colors, fonts, furniture, and even the feel of the place must be stamped with the values of your decorators’ company.

Office Painters and Decorators in North West London

Your office is just as important as your home. Your clients and employees who are equally important in your business, spend a lot of time here. When employees are comfortable and happy, they will deliver the best work. You may be surprised by how a new simple paint job can change the mood of your workplace. Go from stiff to welcoming by just changing a paint hue. If you need more space, you can rearrange, replace, or even get rid of the furniture.

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When you contact us, we will inspect the site and provide a quote for free. With your goals and budget in line, you’d know exactly what to expect in terms of expenses, schedule, and scope. For professional service in London, please call us for your free quote today.

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Find out why we have a loyal customer base. Read our 5-Star Ratings customer reviews. We are the best office painters and decorators in North West London and North London. The secret is our superior service, affordable and competitive prices, and talented staff, which are gained over a decade in developing our techniques.

Get your free quote today from our painting and decorating company and get the best service from our experienced painters and decorators in Northwest London.


What does an interior decorator do?

The main focus of an interior decorator is aesthetics. Into style, design, fabrics and paint, an interior decorator analyzes how design can be best used in terms of functionality. Even a small room has the potential for being beautiful and spacious. At most times, it only takes rearranging furniture and removing things you don’t need. Sometimes, you need bespoke furniture for that look you’re aiming for.

What makes a good interior decorator?

A knack for design, a friendly persona, and a rule-abiding person – these three qualities make a good interior decorator. More than knowing which fabrics and colors to use, an interior decorator must also know how these designs go together.

Though it isn’t required, an interior decorator’s knowledge of plumbing, damp proofing, kitchen and bathroom fitting, electricity, and local laws would be especially helpful in space planning and fixtures placement.

For refurbishment, collaboration with the plumber, gas engineers, door fitters, floor fitters, heating engineer, and bathroom fitter is vital.

Equally important than technical skills are soft skills. An interior decorator must please their clients but still be able to deliver the design the decorator is known and sought for.

What questions should I ask an interior decorator?

A client should be able to ask the interior decorator important things like their design style, design services, previous projects, quality control, and who will be working on the project. Also, the fees of the interior decorator should be discussed and if they can work within the budget. More so, the output should be discussed and what happens if the client doesn’t like the design.

What’s the difference between an interior designer and a decorator?

An interior designer has formal training in design, while an interior decorator does not. An interior designer, on the one hand, focuses on design and decoration. Specifically, the interior designer focuses on space planning. On the other hand, an interior decorator focuses solely on decoration or aesthetics.

What should I look for in a painting contractor?

A detailed estimate on the interior and exterior paint job, satisfied customers, and insurance are some of the main considerations in looking for a painting contractor. Professional painters are experienced enough to know that anything can happen and insurance is a must. An estimate must also be expertly provided for by the painting contractor. Also, there must be strong references for the professional painting contractor.

What makes a good house painter?

A good house painter must be reliable. The work, including internal painting, exterior painting, and window painting, should be delivered within high quality standards and coordination. A painter and decorating staff must work together. Also, the painting job should be completed within schedule and within budget.

What questions to ask before hiring a painter?

The best question to initially ask a painter is if there is a free estimate or a free quotation. Clients can browse painters online and check for recommendations. It is helpful to ask the credentials of the painter, including the crew, high quality paint materials, painting prep, and if they offer warranty in writing.

Depending on the job, asking painters about collaborations with other experts such as driveway specialists or interior decorators is also expected. For example, clients should ask if painters have a driveway specialist partner or exterior renovation partner to determine how best to paint driveway pavers.

How often should a home’s interior be painted?

Hallways and bedrooms are recommended to be painted every 2 to 3 years. The kitchen and bathroom can be painted every 3 to 4 years. Other common surrounding areas such as the living room and dining room may be painted less regularly for property maintenance – every 5 to 7 years.