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Painters and decorators North LondonAt Cloud Painters, our London-based professional painters and decorators in North London can help your homes, commercial spaces, and offices improve your property’s interior and exterior appearances.

Also, we can easily go to Ealing and Hounslow in West London, Tower Hamlets in East London, and Islington, Muswell Hill, and Hampstead in North London, including their surrounding areas to improve the interior and exterior appearance of your property. 

As professionals, we are responsible enough to hold public liability insurance. We guarantee that your property is in the best possible hands. All of your valuables are safe with us as our dedicated team will ensure that coordination, documentation, service delivery, and quality control are the best in London.

Hire Experienced Commercial & Residential Painters and Decorators in North London

At Cloud Painters, we offer the highest standard for both commercial and residential clients. Our services include residential, commercial, and office decorating and painting.

Residential Painters and Decorators in North London

St. John’s Wood in North London is where Abbey Road is made famous by the Beatles. This LP album, recorded in the studio beside it, was also used by Pink Floyd, Donovan and the Hollies, Oasis, Adele, and Robbie Williams.

What is more iconic than this Zebra crossing made by John, Paul, George, and Ringo than designing your interior and exterior home with the 60s or 70s look.

This period was not all orange, pink, or wood green! There are also flat-pack furniture, teak sideboards, glass-topped or glazed coffee tables, hostess trolleys, and pod-shaped chairs with tie-dyed or floral fabrics.

Or perhaps you want a more contemporary design? For your house refurb, picture loft conversions on your bedroom flat with vintage tones of beige walls, brown carpet, and orange lampshades.

Our ten years of experience with expert front door fitters, heating engineer, floor fitters, furniture assembler, bathroom fitter, painters, landscape gardeners, etc. will help you achieve attractive interior spaces and surrounding areas.
As the best decorating company in North London or North West London, please call us for superior painting, decorating, and designing services for your whole home refurbishment.

Commercial Painters and Decorators in  North London

Your commercial space must reflect your company’s strong values and personality. And these personalities attract and ensure connections the fastest.

Our punctual, professional, and experienced team of painters and decorators will bring your product or service vision to a design concept (commercial painting, interior decorating, exterior decorating) that your clients and employees will appreciate. Your business is not just a product or service; it is a personalised experience.

Office Painters and Decorators in North London

How can people physically experience your brand? You and your employees are not just any other professionals in a standard office. You and your team are your brand.

When clients walk into your office, the cues that you give them should give them solid ideas of what your brand is all about. As a reflection of your company’s values, clients should immediately forge trust with you.

Are the color, art, furniture, or room names appropriate for your brand’s overall feel? We at Cloud Painters will help you deliver a brand strategy with attention to details that will even deliver forward-looking investments.

Professional Painters And Decorators North London For Over 10 Years

Cloud Painters provide expert, reliable, high quality and competitively priced painting and decorating North London and throughout the Greater London area.

If you would like to talk to us about decorating or painting your home, office or commercial premises, give us a call or click on the link below, fill in the form and we’ll get back to you with a quote.

Competitive Pricing

We offer competitive pricing for our painting and decorating services, including high standard property maintenance and landscaping services throughout North London. We will consider your goals and budget and provide you a free quote so you’d know what to expect in terms of costs and schedule of work. Get your free quote today.

Our Customers Love Us!

Our goal is unparalleled customer service! Read our 5-star ratings to discover why our high-quality services are sought after in all of London. Our portfolio has closed many deals from new and old clients. The best part is when our clients keep coming back! The secret to their return is the factors that make up our company’s winning formula – high-quality work, seamless service, and professional work ethics. 

Contact Cloud Painters for your free quote now, and you’ll get the best painting or decorating specialists throughout North London, South London, and Central London.


Frequently Asked Questions

 How do I choose a painter and decorator?

 Choosing the right professional painter and decorating system is a must. First, you should be informed on the basics of interior and exterior painting and decorating. Second, prioritize finding specialists rather than general handymen. Their attention to detail is spot on. In most situations, you’ll end up saving more money in the long-run when you hire experienced specialists. Third, find out the exact processes in painting, including damp proofing or wall prepping. Also, getting detailed quotes is a must. And lastly, choose someone with years of reliable and specific experience.

What should I expect from a professional painter?

 A professional and experienced painter will coordinate with you on your goals and advise you on options that work on your home’s overall design or the purpose of your business. As much as possible, space should have a cohesive and intuitive design.

An expert one will give tips on the latest trendy design, such as advising a color choice that is acceptable now and in the future (if and when you resell it). Most experienced painters are intuitive enough to determine which colors and paint brands will last. Further, those with years of relevant experience are also experts in window painting, damp proofing, driveway pavers painting, or trades sign painting.

Not just color, a professional painter knows how to properly prepare any surface, use the best equipment, get perfect results, and clean up after their work.

What questions to ask before hiring a painter?

 Important questions you should ask your local painter are related to verification, preparation, and cost.

The painter should be skilled enough to have solid references or a license for verification. Further, a professional painter and decorator should provide detailed information, including the grade of paint, cost and schedule of the job, and a warranty in writing. More than an unsure budget mention, a painter should still be able to provide a good-faith estimate on the painting job.

How do professionals paint a room?

When you choose a professional, you should obtain a complete contract that has clear inclusions, exclusions, payment terms, and other terms and conditions, including stipulations on what to do if you don’t like the result.

The terms and conditions should include the painter correcting any flaking, chipping, and excessive fading of the paint, usually within two years as a free of charge service or with little cost involved. The most professional ones are clear on what is covered by warranties.