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Cloud Painters are professional painters and decorators Stockwell and London with over 10 years’ experience. Stockwell in South London is in the district of Lambeth. It’s here that you’ll find Stockwell Garage which was built in 1952. Trams were being phased out and London needed somewhere to home around 200 buses.

When it was built it had the largest unsupported roof span of any building in Europe and it had been built with concrete rather than steel, which at that time was fairly unusual. Today people visit Stockwell Garage to admire the architecture and see the reinforced concrete roof in all its glory.

London buses are red with white roofs. Red is said to be energetic, exciting and fun. While white is clean and cool. Using red to add a splash of colour to a white room can be done by painting a wall or a column. Or you can paint a whole room a shade of red, which can look stunning if you have white window frames and white or off-white furniture. In the evenings with low lighting, the room will look sophisticated and comfortable.

White is a good choice for a child’s playroom. It means it won’t cost you a fortune to re-paint regularly and you can add colour with bright rugs and cushions.

Professional Painters And Decorators Stockwell For Over 10 Years

Cloud Painters provide expert, reliable, high quality and competitively priced painting and decorating Stockwell and throughout the Greater London area.

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