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The highest quality standards in painting and decorating services – this is what we do. With our painting and decorating contractors, our exceptional services are highly recommended by clients throughout Fulham, Chelsea, Hammersmith, South West London, and surrounding areas.

From planning to service delivery, we take pride in our professionalism and reliability. As experienced professionals, we respect and value your possessions. This is why we include public liability insurance in our superb service.

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At Cloud Painters, your satisfaction as our residential and commercial clients will be sky-high.

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Including Central London, North London, or South London, our residential painting and decorating contractors offer high-quality interior and exterior painting. You may need to freshen up your bedroom, hire the services of an expert bathroom fitter, or make efficient use of your home office space. We are here for you. After contacting our top-rated people, we will discuss your goals in residential decorating and give reliable tips. The best solution is waiting for you.

Commercial Painters and Decorators in South West London

Stylishly clean and tidy – this is what commercial spaces should look like. Choose a design recommended by our commercial painting and decorating talents. When spaces are clean and neat, employees will feel safe and taken care of. Rather than be distracted by their surroundings, they will focus instead on their work. As you make them feel safe, they will deliver excellent work. Everybody is satisfied.

Office Painters and Decorators in South West London

When clients enter your office, they should feel your trustworthiness at the first go. Clients should feel that you will take care of them and deliver results. As professionals, you know how important first impressions are. Our decorators in South West London and Surrey will help you choose designs and colors where your clients will make that crucial positive connection.

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We will quote for free. Our excellent interior and exterior paintings and decorations in London and Surrey offer competitive prices. Based on your goals, you will know the budget required, the job involved, and the schedule. At Cloud Painters London, please call us, and we’ll schedule an appointment with you.

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Our professional painting and decorating company has 5-Star Ratings customer reviews! We offer top-quality painting services from our South West London painters. Whether it’s interior and exterior decorating, exterior painting, interior paint job, or a simple decorating project, our quality services are always top-rated.

Get your free quote today from our reliable painting and decorating company and get the best service from our professional painters and decorators in South West London.


How do I find a good painter and decorator?

The first thing you should do is research. When you know the basics, you’d be able to ask the right questions from a professional painter and decorator. The next thing is finding at least 3 specialists, those that know the specific work rather than a general handyman. Most customers go for a handyman because hiring one’s cheaper. However, the difference in the quality of work is usually very noticeable. Ask for detailed quotes from your options then choose one with lots of experience but whose services are within budget.

How do I choose a decorator?

A good referral is almost always worth looking into. When you ask around, look at the portfolio and find a designer whose designs, attitude, and work ethic you are comfortable with. You shouldn’t find the need to arm-wrestle and second-guess your decorator. Being upfront with your coordinator helps too. You should tell the decorator your goals, budget, and schedule.

What is the difference between painting and decorating?

The major difference between the two is that decorating takes into consideration the entirety of the place. Besides an eye for design, a good decorator should have sufficient experience too in knowing if your choice of color or design is best suited for the vibe of your services. Also, a decorator is not only skilled in painting walls but also in different techniques such as restoration, marbling, graining, or applying wallpaper.

What is the difference between interior designer and decorator?

The difference between interior designers and decorators is that the former needs to have finished a degree in interior design. Their focus is on being able to optimize space. Also, they work with architects or civil engineers. Interior designers also take note of building codes, sound transmission and acoustics, fire safety, and accessibility.

An interior decorator’s focus is more on the aesthetic details such as fabrics, flooring, furnishing, branding, furniture, textiles, paint, art, lighting, fixtures, accessories, etc.

Is it worth painting your own house?

If you’re a complete beginner, do your homework first. You can watch YouTube videos on painting techniques and tips. This is where you need to study and practice everything that you’ve learned. Before you paint, you need to prepare the walls or item first. Some walls need washing and removing of old paint. If you’re new to painting, try only proven techniques. Now’s not a good time to try untested ones.

What order should you paint a room?

First, plan your approach. Second, repair all damaged surfaces and remove all electrical and wall fixtures. The rule is to paint only on clean, dry surfaces. Third, prepare all the materials. Find out which brushes and rollers work for water-based paint or oil-based paints. The fourth step is to paint all the surfaces. Next is to paint the trim. Don’t forget to clean up after you’re done!

How long does a professional painter take to paint a room?

A professional painter takes two to four days to prep, prime, and paint an average-sized room. The process includes finding and fixing cracks and dents, sanding, sponge-bathing the walls, caulking all cracks, painting, and cleaning up. A professional painter will use only quality paint with the right equipment.