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Central London is the busy heart of the city. It’s always full of people, whether they are working, sightseeing or shopping. While your in this area whether you have children or not pay a visit to Hamleys. It’s the largest toy shop in London and the oldest in the world.

It first opened its doors in 1760 and it moved to Regent’s Street in 1837. It has seven floors, each one with a different type of toy. In total there are more than 450,000 types of toy. It’s not only a fascinating place to take children, adults love it too.

Decorating a bedroom, nursery or playroom for a child can be great fun. Choose a theme, pick your colours and fill it with toys and games. Bright colours like orange and yellow create a cheerful atmosphere for a playroom. Nurseries should be painted with colours that give off a calming, tranquil atmosphere, like blues, pale pinks and lilacs. Older children might want to choose their own colour schemes to make their rooms more individual.

Older children might want to choose their own colour schemes to make their rooms more individual, even if the colours don’t match up with the rest of your home!

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