Hire A Professional Painter & Decorator (and why?)

Why Hire Professional Decorators

This article looks at the benefits of professional painters and decorators and why you should hire them. See why hiring the pro’s is a great investment compared with DIY. For both homeowners and business professionals, the idea of paying a professional to paint and decorate your home or office may seem a little ludicrous when you really believe you can do it yourself and save money.

Every language and culture have an idiom that suggests that taking the cheap route will cost you more in the long run and that couldn’t be truer of painting and decorating.

Similarly, to so many other things that we try making shortcuts with, painting and decorating on your own may cause you a lot more stress and cost you a lot more money than you could ever have imagined.

Tools and Equipment

Professional painters and decorators not only have the right tools and equipment but you can bet that they are of high-quality and designed to give a professional finish that will have a direct impact on the final outcome. Have you ever tried to sand an uneven wall to a contractor’s standard of finish, or one with generations of old paint layered multiple times? Anyone can buy a roller and a tray at the local pound shop, but by choosing a professional, your decorator has invested in tools that reduce spray and drip and will leave a clean, crisp finish. Overall the cost of the tools and equipment alone usually will mitigate the cost of the labour that you will pay for.

Problem Solving

Professional painters and decorators have invariably seen every decorating problem in the book. Not just the awkward jobs like preventing wall colour from spreading to the ceiling or lining up wallpaper correctly, but taking unusual angles in walls and doorways as well as knowing how to paint in homes with Artex that may have asbestos in it. They have the solutions before you’ve even discovered the problem.


Together with problem-solving comes preparation knowledge. If only it were that simple to just spread a few cover sheets everywhere. But it’s not. There are very specific methods with masking tape, covering furniture and protecting lights, floors and windows from both the mess and the possibility of disaster from unforeseen accidents. Imagine a job doing commercial decorating in London offices and that irreplaceable 17th Century Persian Carpet gets a few additions of emulsion – that’s going to be an awkward one to explain to your insurance company. Rather let it be the decorator’s insurance nightmare.

Liability and Insurance

If you fall off the ladder while dabbing the corners, or smash the crystal cabinet, is your insurance going to cough up? Probably not. Your professional decorators will have insurance that covers all sorts of scenarios. Ask any office painters or decorators in London, and you’re sure to hear stories of events that you could never imagine happening. But they do, and you’d rather not have to deal with a hike in insurance premiums when renewals become due.

Time and Speed

Have a look at any commercial decorating in London, and one of the things you will notice is how quickly things happen. Professional decorators have a system. They come in, prepare, do the job and leave. They can come in out of office hours and be flexible in their approach to put your business first. Amateur jobs may leave an acceptable result, but there will be challenges on the way, that may require several trips to the builder’s warehouse and some consulting to find solutions. To get the job done properly and quickly, it’s simple; hire a professional.

The Cost

The cost of hiring a professional decorating team may appear to be expensive, but once you calculate what you’re going to spend on one-off tools, equipment and how much time it’s going to take, you’ll realise it is a cost-effective solution. For completing an amateur job you have to take into consideration contingency costs and time for managing unexpected complications, you will discover that all in all the overall cost to bring in a professional is a far better fiscal approach.

Whether it’s office painting in London or residential decorating in London, the professionals that you hire will be able to arrive on schedule, paint and decorate on schedule and depart on schedule. They will leave you with the assurance that all possibilities are covered, and you won’t be too tired and frustrated to enjoy the high-quality finish

Quality of Work

Let’s face it, for someone who does a particular job day in, and day out, mistakes are less likely to happen. The professionals know all the tricks of the trade to ensure that the final standard is of excellent quality and thus increasing the longevity of the work. Professionals leave a project looking good, and the gap between redecorating projects is probably going to be longer saving you money in the long run.

The hidden costs of doing it yourself can be exorbitant, but the hidden savings in hiring the professionals is certainly something every home and business should consider.

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