The Best Office Painters For Your London Business

When considering the colour scheme of your office, it can be important to take into account the impact it has on the working environment. When hiring office decorators in London, you want your office painting to be perfect; from quality to colour. Some colours have been shown to make people feel happy, productive and calm. As office painting and decorating is not a regular occurrence, you want a colour scheme that you and your colleagues can enjoy for a long time. It can be very important for employees in London to have a space around them that positively impacts their wellbeing. 

Angela Wright wrote a book called Colour Psychology, and describes how outside of work we are used to many different bright colours stimulating our brain, especially in a busy city like                London – so our workspaces should be the same! Let’s look at what colours stimulates what behaviours and see what sounds right for you.


Red is a colour often associated with excitement, physical activity, and energy. If your office requires movement such as building work or production lines, red might be a good stimulus around your space. People usually use the colour red in small amounts or to draw attention to a certain aspect of the room. It’s known to be used to stimulate hard work in builders and constructors, or cafes to encourage the movement of the queue. 

Red can also help in jobs that are detail oriented and involve memory retrieval. If your office has to do lots of proof-reading or script memorising, red could be the colour for your office.


Many consider blue as the most productive colour. It stimulates the mind into focusing on tasks and getting things done. It’s a great colour to paint your office if you’re trying to encourage a ‘heads down, work hard’ approach. Bear in mind; this is a good colour for focusing on tasks that do not require much physical activity, for the workplace that does, we recommend reds. 

If you want a productive office, but not a particularly quiet and studious atmosphere, you might want to add some orange to stimulate the emotional mind. Most office decorators in London would suggest that including an emotion triggering colour is vital to stimulate creativity, communication, and office relationships. 


Yellow can be calm and optimistic, and decorators often use this colour in offices where employees are expected to be creative. Creative and design companies in London would benefit from yellows. However, if your office is particularly bright and well lit, yellow can reflect light become uncomfortable on the eyes. In bright offices, it’s best to use yellow subtly. 

Some studies have shown that a yellow room can cause bouts of anger – another reason to keep yellow subtle! 


Green gives the mind a sense of balance, harmony, and calmness. It is a great colour to have in offices in which employees have to work long hours. Furthermore, it’s a colour that doesn’t strain your eyes and doesn’t provide emotions that are particularly one extreme or another. Consequently, medical offices often use green in their colour scheme.

Some people associate the colour green with money. As a result, some suggest that green is a good colour for banks and financial offices. 

It’s good to seek advice from your chosen office decorators in London. Seeing the office, feeling the vibe, and understanding the job can give painters and decorators more of an idea of what would work best for you. 

Still unsure what colour to go for? We offer free consultations to offices across London and offer expert advice on what works best for you. To find out more about us, get in touch.

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